Goblin Stone - Midcore RPG coming to Steam


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Jan 12, 2023
Hello guys! Just want to share, so I played the demo of Goblin Stone, and this game really hits the sweet spot for Midcore RPG. the 3D environment is wisely designed, same on the turned based mechanics.

Here's the details:

Goblin Stone incorporates a number of novel game mechanics that are rarely seen in a turn-based game. It emphasizes team-based dungeon crawling, base construction, and breeding.

Goblin Stone is a turn-based role-playing game told from the perspective of a goblin. Adventurers have nearly wiped out goblins and orcs; now it's time to fight back. Gather a group of goblins and journey through an epic procedurally generated world, changing their fate in this narrated adventure.

Game Features
• Explore a vast procedurally generated world with stunning hand-drawn 2D environments.
• Battle despicable humans, elves, and dwarves in a deep, innovative turn-based battle system.
• Discover and build a great goblin lair, chamber by chamber, from the Barracks to the War Room and Warrens.
• Build an adventuring party and mix unique goblin classes like the Raider, Guard, and Shaman. Selectively breed them to create the next generation of genetically superior fighters.
• Difficult choices await as you decide which goblins to keep and discard. Expect many goblins to perish, with each death a new ancestor strengthens your lineage.
• Listen to a fully narrated story-line, accompanied by music from award-winning composer Peter McConnell, famed for their work on Hearthstone, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and Broken Age.

Try the Goblin Stone Demo here:
Join on their community: Join the Goblin Stone Discord Server!

Disclaimer: I'm not promoting the game or anything, just want to share since I didn't expect that the game is good and seems promising. So I believe this is worth sharing.
Hello guys! Are you a fan of Goblin? then this RPG might interest to you! You can try the demo on Steam.


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