Ode to Alchemist - Idle RPG that combines various mythologies


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Oct 20, 2022
Ode to Alchemist (can be download on Play Store)

1. Driven by a story about Alchemy
Mythical Alchemy world opened, fulling of dangers and unknown creatures. The mighty heroes lost their minds due to the evil power and became Eidolons. You, as the pathfinder, are fated to find Sage’s Stone to purify the world.
2. Worldwide Connection
Connected with players worldwide. Support Server and x-Server gameplay or ranking. (can send or receive gift cards)
3. 60+ heroes with diversity
Heroes’ names and portrait designs are inspired by Norse mythology, Greek mythology, Zodiac Signs, and Eastern mythology.
4. Void Monster: DIY your heroes
Through Void Monster, the hero will unlock 4 skills one by one. The skills of Void Monster depend on the players. Combine different skills from different heroes to create an exclusive Void hero.
5. Fun play in Castle
7 gameplay in the Castle system.
Tree of Life: speed up heroes’ cultivation.
Spirit Pet: helps heroes get the bonus in combat.
Castle: Plan and collect the herb planting to increase Favorability.
Void Monster, Catalyst, Scarecrow and Chain of Purify could also be found in the Castle system.
6. Super rich PVE gameplay
8+ PVE gameplay systems. Climb the Holy Spirit tower to get plentiful rewards. Explore the Wicked Forest to get the Big Treasure Chest. Accept Dehamer Trial to prove the power, etc. You have many opportunities to make strategic decisions and equip heroes to aid them in these modes.

In short, PVE system is mature, hero art is surprising, some fun play is cool, and exciting ranking to get royal. The game worths a try, while the UI and English translation could be optimized.

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