Longest you have gone without internet.

How long have you gone without the internet (Aside from birth, till the moment you discovered how to access the net).

For me, my longest would have been nearly 3 months. When I was younger, we moved to where we live now, and it took 3 months for the internet to be hooked up to the house, due to other things being an issue to get before that.


Around 2 weeks although I still had a bit of mobile data that I could use on my smartphone. We moved house and had to wait for a while for the new internet to start.


Phew, it's been a long time. I think back in 2008, when we first visited Croatia. i had a hiatus of about a week and sent my best friend all my cpanel passwords so that, if anything happened to my clients' websites while I was on vacation, she could take charge. That's the longest. Now I don't go without internet for more than 2 days, that's when we visit our country home back in Romania and have no cell phone or internet connection. but then I'm too busy enjoying the farm like surroundings and really don't care about internet.


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For me I think the longest will be when I head off to Georgia (the country) later in the year, for about 8 days as I've got myself an locked iPhone so I can't go around purchasing local SIM cards and I try not to use public-wifi networks unless it's a dire situation where I really need it. I'm actually looking forward to literally just switching off for eight days actually, it'll be fun not to have to receive all the rubbish notifications I get haha.