What's the longest it took to download a game?


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Mar 23, 2019
What was the longest time that it have ever took you to download a single video game? How much time did it actually take and how big was the game? Also, what was the speed for your internet connection - download rate per second?

I remember that it took me nearly a day and a half to download Team Fortress 2 which is 20GB before a lot of years with an internet connection near 1 Mbps download. Well, it was the only service provider in my area for the time and since then things have improved a lot here with new providers and much faster speeds.
Back in the early days i think took nearly a whole day to download call of duty 2 at 10mb down broadband never really played first one, then again converted to world of warcraft: this was huge took again nearly about a day 25mb down broadband, even though the broadband back then at that speed was good the upload speed from the games publishers were quite slow as so many people were downloading from the same source/server. tech has improved these days much faster :D
I don't pay much attention to how long gaming downloads take.

Mostly, I'll past the time by participating in other activities, such as sports or other types of entertainment while the game is downloading. I'll return within an hour to see the progress.

Usually most downloads are installed within that time frame - knowing how fast broadband is nowadays!

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