Is Ready or Not Good?


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Jul 17, 2021
A quick review of the Ready or Not!

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This game is the Dark Souls of tactical shooters. You will die a lot when playing this game, and that’s okay. With each new try, you’ll become better, and you’ll learn from your mistakes. There is currently only PvE, but later on, the devs said they will be adding a PvP game mode. But don’t get it twisted, the PvE side of the game is hard as hell to beat.

The bots will shoot you through walls, hear your footsteps, attack you when they hear you reloading, and so much more. The game has amazing devs that care for the project, and it’s one of the best SWAT tactical shooters out there right now. The last one we had was SWAT 4, but that was ages ago. But anyway, let’s review this game!

10. Performance

Damn, this upscaling technology thing is amazing.

The first thing that we’ll be talking about is the performance. Let’s be real: today, most AAA games release with bad performance that just ruins your experience. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with Ready or Not. The game is optimized, and the minimum requirements aren’t that high.

If you have a mid-to-high-range gaming PC, you’ll do just fine, but even if you start struggling in some areas, make sure that you enable FSR to increase your FPS. You can also enable or disable some settings as you please to have a higher FPS.

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