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Is a mouse important for gaming?


For most people who play any shooters or MMO/MMORPGs a gaming mouse is very important. It can help them to be more accurate or use more macros with the extra buttons on the side of the mouse. Anyway, is having one important for you?

I play CS:GO and because of that I have one. Although, it's not an expensive one it gets the job done. In the future I would like to get the Logitech G502 as I always have loved that mouse. My aim also should improve when I get it.

Matt C.

If you are a dedicated MMO Player, an MMO mouse is a must. You can cast spells at lightning speeds, which is amazing for PvP and and Raids.
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Martin Berisford

Article Author
I believe it's certainly a help yeah - being able to change my DPI on the fly or set macro's (in addition to the ones I have set on my keyboard already is a life saver) and like @Matt C. says, doing the same, especially in MMO's saves a hell of a lot of time. I used to do it with alching in Runescape and boy did it save me some wrist ache (and time!)


I don't prefer to have mouse that is meant for gaming only. Because that would affect the workflow of the people who are using my machine. And it can be pretty difficult in case of the new or the old people who are not used to such mouse are going to be using that.
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