Intel’s 10th generation desktop CPUs have arrived—still on 14nm


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Dec 11, 2018
There aren't any real surprises here. Just as it did with the H-series laptop parts, Intel is banking on high raw clockspeed in its increasingly elderly 14nm lineup to impress potential buyers, while it tries to refine its newer 10nm process.

If you're just a die-hard Intel person, you can expect to see minor generation-on-generation performance gains and enough of an improvement from Intel's newest favorite metric—the "three year old PC"—to justify an upgrade if you've got the money burning a hole in your pocket. It won't be a cheap upgrade, though, since you'll need a new motherboard to go with your new processor—and maybe newer, faster RAM as well.

Professional gamers might—and we wish to stress might—see a small potential win in Intel's extremely high single-core clock speeds, here, with a corresponding slight decrease in latency in demanding games' core loop. It's difficult to recommend Intel's desktop lineup over AMD's this year in any other capacity, and honestly we have trouble keeping a straight face over the potential minor gains in gaming response either.


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