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Jan 3, 2023
I'm delighted Konami isn't neglecting Castlevania, my favourite series and a collector (I think). We have Smash Bros, Brawlhalla, and Dead Cells collaborations, compilations, and Netflix adaptations. I'm grateful to see this series, which is dear to me, being loved. However, seeing everything created with the franchise save a new game or a good remake is frustrating.

Metroidvanias are more popular than ever, Metroid just came back with an amazing game, Hollow Knight is one of the most celebrated games of the last years, and we are seeing all kinds of experimentations with the genre, so it feels like the right time and with the success of the Netflix show and its popularity, it would be the perfect time for new fans to jump in. Maybe Konami is testing the waters, maybe Silent Hill's comeback is a hint of things to come, but everything is just conjecture, so I'll keep purchasing all the collections and collaborations, even Dead Cells for the DLC. I'm satisfied, but I want new games with a high budget, fresh franchise experiences, and maybe new genres.

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