News id Software's Hugo Martin says DOOM Eternal “is not the end of DOOM"


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Dec 24, 2020

“While this is the end of the story arc that began in Doom (2016), we planted a lot of stakes in the ground with that story,” Martin told Polygon. “And we’ve been able to flesh out a lot of those things throughout the course of [Doom Eternal] and to do two DLCs. So that story arc will end, you know, from the time you woke up in the sarcophagus to the end of the DLC, but there are more stories to tell with the Doom Slayer, for sure.”
The good news is that the team at id Software seems to have found the right direction for the franchise, as evidenced by the data the designers collected about the number of people who played and beat Doom Eternal. While the game introduced a lot of movement options and combat systems that all had to work together, players didn’t seem to find it too difficult or complex. In fact, Doom Eternal appears to have hooked players in an even deeper way than its predecessor did.
“Could we tell a story about when [the Doom Slayer] first came to that place with the Sentinels, almost like a more medieval setting, a fantasy setting?” Martin asked. “I think as you play the DLC, too, you’ll see lots of hints of what we could do moving forward. Maybe even in the future. Again, our hero is somewhat timeless — I mean, literally, he’s immortal. So we could tell all kinds of stories.”
While The Ancient Gods — Part Two may bring closure to the story that began in 2016’s Doom, it’s going to leave behind a universe in which many things are possible, as long as the designers don’t lose track of the reasons people play Doom games: the over-the-top violence and gore, the winking self-seriousness mixed with a little camp, and the complete faith that the best defense is a good offense. Martin sounded almost drunk with possibilities during our call.

“It’s as if Sam Raimi was given a Transformers budget to go make a sequel to The Evil Dead — that’s what Doom feels like, to us,” said Martin.

This is how Marty Stratton, executive producer of the Bethesda title, explained it to our colleagues at 3DJuegos: “With this DLC we finally have a closed arc. But there are many more stories that can be told in the Doom universe because we have built a universe that is deeper than ever ”, he assures, in relation to Ancient Gods Part 2, whose premiere takes place this March 18 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.


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