How much have you spent on video games so far?


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Feb 1, 2019
Some games are designed for the gamers to make in game purchases of upgrades and features to enable them have a very good gaming experience with the game.

How much have you invested in making in game purchases so far?
Do you invest real money in game: I am a MOBA player one but as of now i didn't come to the point investing a real money for the games aside of paying an internet bills because I also value the worth of the money. In terms of updating my games I usually just wait for a time that the system gives some gift and that what I will use for the new feature of that certain game.
When I started working and started earning my own income, I convinced myself that I will never ever use my hard earned money on games I play and for a few months I was able to do that. I was very proud of myself. Then one day I got so addicted to this one game ( I can't even remember the name of the game now), I did just the opposite of that. I invested so much money that I was really regretful for a long time. After that, I never really invested money again.
Yes, but it depends on the selection of games whether the game can give enough return or not. For example in some games, you pay money to make your stuff look better or have better weapons or such things. I hate that kind of games that paying money makes you superior over another.
Where I come from it's been considered even "shameful" to invest money into something like a video game, even to buy it, since we are used to cracked versions of everything, because there is no control by the law whatsoever. I think that is changing now, especially with new generations, and I am happy about that. I do pay for a game itself, or to unlock a new level/feature, but I would not give the money just to make my character prettier :p
I never invest real money in games. Hard earned money must be spend on our needs and not on games.
The only time I 'invest' real money in games is to purchase the game itself. I don't like spending cash on cosmetic changes when there's a lot of more tangible and important things that I need. I mean, if I manage to get in-game premium currency through events, then all is well and good. But I won't put anything more than my initial investment. Pivotal DLCs are different, though.

But if you mean in games like League of Legends, or Overwatch? No, I don't spend money in-game either.
Yes, but it depends on the selection of games whether I like it or not and if the game can give enough return or not. I am not quite skilled in real money games but before playing such games, I have collected all the mandatory information about overall aspects to achieve the target that needs to be achieved.
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Oh, seems like you loved playing games that much because you totally spend money for a game. As long as you are enjoying and you have the budget, it's good. :)
I don't have any problems with spending money on gaming but I'm still careful with what I purchase. I tend to get a couple of newly released games every year and then I also have to spend a bit on my PlayStation Plus membership. In total, I probably spend around $250 a year on gaming purchases, although sometimes less if there aren't any good games out. I believe $250 is around 13,000 PHP.
1600 PHP is not much from what I have noticed. I have spent around 800$ for both phone and PC. I think my expenses are rising because I tend to play the in app game purchase. And it can be pretty difficult to keep up with the expenses. I know for sure that gaming takes some time and money. So expenses are expected.
I haven't spent too much on gaming in a while. At most in a year, I might spend around $250 to $350 for games, depending on what the games are.
I haven't spent even a peso at gaming, that is because I'm not actually a hard gamer, I don't actually take games super seriously, as if it is my life is depending on it. I see games the way it must be seen, for entertainment.
Rarely. If there's something really good out there I want badly. I only paid for WoW, Nosgoth, CSGO and Mount & Blade.
Very, very, very rarely. Only if I really like something and I can't get it through gameplay, only if buying it is the only way to get it. And off course, it must be cheap.
The only money investments are in the video game machine and the games I want to buy (that's enough!). I don't spend money buying accessories or facilities that are offered by the games to reach higher levels (which in my opinion, it's a waste of money).
I will never invest or purchase a video games since I can play for free. I am lucky enough to have friends who are willing to share and invite me to consumed their gaming investment. I don't feel the need to buy one since video games is not my priority. I am happy and contented to play whatever is available. Every game has it's own level of excitement. We just have to enjoy it.
I haven't invested money in games and will never invest in it. For me, it is a waste of money and good games should make you enjoy the experience without having to force you to pay for it. I believe that games should be for fun and not an additional burden to my wallet.
I haven't invested any money in game though I have encountered a lot of promotions and ads about. I saw a lot of interesting games but they would always require expensive upgrades and purchases so I tend to avoid it. I just focus on free games. I think about gaming us a recreational hobby so I never really think about spending money for it.

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