Discussion How do you feel about films and TV shows based on video games?


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Jun 7, 2020
Television and movies have been the influence of many different games. What are your thoughts on games that are based off of television or movies? Do you feel like they do justice to their counterparts?
I think movies don't work as you need a 8 parter series for narrative games. A last of us part 1 won't work as a movie, we can point to The Road but to fit the story in 2 hours means you miss so much that tied Ellie and Joel together.

Equally the Resident Evil series is perfect for a limited series per season per game. Imagine seeing each game spread out in 6 or 8 hours. It helps my case that the RE movies are trash fire. So bad, it's not funny.

Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are terrible movies I will enjoy anytime. They fit the games, an iconic theme song and great setup to fights in MK and the pure campiness of SF. I don't think you could have worked them better whatever the critics say.
Not really needed anymore, games are looking so much like real life its scary and just to make a non-playable tv show/movie is pointless.
Most of the time they are cheap cash grabs however one of my all time favourite games is a movie tie-in Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie

I also really like the Westworld awakening game.
South Park has had several good video games, and that's pretty much all I can think of off the top of my head. Most TV shows/movies don't translate well to video games. On the vice versa side, I really enjoyed the original Silent Hill film.

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