Horizon Zero Dawn PC release confirmed by Sony


Horizon Zero Dawn PC release has now been confirmed by Sony.

Hermen Hulst, ex-Guerilla Games staff and now Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, has said that the title will head to PC “this summer,” so likely sometime over June to August 2020.

He later addressed the release as part of a new strategy to “introduce more people to PlayStation, and show people maybe what they’ve been missing out on.”.

Hulst also advised that PlayStation doesn’t “have plans for day and date [PC releases],” and that it remains “100% committed to dedicated hardware.”.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PS4.
I’m getting it hands down! Honestly obsessed with this game on PS4 and have been dying to see it on PC. But my dream has come true, Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC! :D

Have you guys played it? And what do you think about it coming to PC? It was marked as PS4 exclusive but they changed their mind I’m honestly really excited for it!

anything that you guys are looking forward to?
I too am a fan of HZD! I have it on the PS4. I may give the PC version a try when it releases. It sure does sound promising.
It really does! Currently don’t have my PS4 so couldn’t play it but now it is coming to PC I’d be able to play it all the time! :)

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