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Heroes and Merchants - a fantasy crafting MMOG for iOS/Android


Heroes and Merchants is a fantasy crafting MMOG on iOS and Android.

Due to the pay-to-win situation in mobile games my wife and I decided to develop a completely free-to-play game in the style of the old browsergames combined with modern interactive content.

The special thing about Heroes and Merchants is the optical design. In contrast to most games of today, digital glossy graphics are not used here. All graphics in the game are hand drawn with attention to detail. The background music was also composed especially for the game by one of its players. The gameplay is also not based on one effect chasing the other - the game conveys a touch of nostalgia for the old days of browser games. Nevertheless, it contains game elements that did not exist here, such as the actively playable real-time duels against other players and adventures which are played in 3D ego perspective.

Players can team up in guilds, complete guild tasks, summon raid bosses and defeat them together and trade resources and items with their guild mates. In addition, players can benefit from the guild shop and guild buffs.

There is the possibility to improve the artisan and thus to influence the quality of the goods, the selling price, as well as the production time.

Heroes have special abilities that can be selected, increased, and actively played in duels and adventures.

Players can specialize in creating certain goods and place a major focus on trading. Other players prefer to play duels and others only make missions, do not produce as many goods, but rather buy them. Here every player can put his personal focus.

There are public chat areas as well as a guild chats. The game is currently available in German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian for both iOS and Android.

Store links:
iOS: ‎Heroes and Merchants
Android: Heroes and Merchants RPG - Apps on Google Play

I hope to see some of you in Heroes and Merchants :)


This looks like old RPG style game. Not sure how it is so have to download and check it out. Graphics look retro style so something we have to watch out. You may have to do some of the gameplay promotion so that we can check out before we download the game.


Here is a new gameplay video of the adventure (3D dungeon crawler) "mini"-game inside Heroes and Merchants where you control one of your heroes through a maze. You have to fight monsters and collect rare plants for your alchemist.



Paradox of Nothingness
Wow, this looks really nice! I can see you put a lot of effort into the game, and the background music perfectly fits the theme with its uniqueness.
I might try the game later, and post my review in this thread.
Congratulations on developing such a great game!


Paladin, Just let me know if you have any questions :)

In the meantime we released an update to V1.8.8 with an improved storage showing all items which do not require storage space like tickets, keys, dungeons crystals, mercenary stones or shards and added additional guild size control.




The new Heroes and Merchants version V2.0.0 has been released. The whole game has been moved to the new consistent design and additional information and help textes have been added to improve user experience.
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