Have you ever signed up to a gaming contest?


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Jan 10, 2019
Most gaming providers, companies or organizations offer gaming competitions to their customers or followers. Although, who here has actually won a contest? If you did, how long ago was it and what items did you secure in your possession? I've entered countless times with no luck so I'm hoping to be selected for one in the near future.
I think contests definitely bring more value to the games. And it can even create the fans based on the winner. I can tell you that many influencers on YouTube tend to show off things. And they like contests so they often arrange their own too while participating into contests like rest of us. That's what I have noticed so far.
I haven't been into gaming contest. I am just an ordinary gamer. There are other gamer who are into international contest especially DOTA game. Other gamer do it as a profession. Lucky are those who are skilled and competitive to enjoy it's privilege. I think that contest are a good motivation to do the best of our ability but it is always better to enjoy the game.
I was pretty surprised that there's actually competitions for a certain game and that there are tournaments which cater to different people around the world. I remember I thought cosplay has a small group here in our country but it's actually a huge one. Same with gaming contests. There are national competitions and then there's a tournament for everyone regardless of where they are from being held here in our country.

As what I mentioned in a previous post, I'm all for it as it allows people to earn money while doing what they are passionate about.
To be honest a company should hold a gaming contest only when it's big enough. I used to play Nosgoth which had audience of 500 people, and the company kept having contests with money give away. Eventually they got bankrupt and closed.
I actually won a gaming contest from Rockstar when Grand Theft Auto V was still on the old generation consoles (Xbox 360). I can't remember what exactly I had to do for it, it was either simply playing the game or just entering my details into their site. But I received a package from them one day and it had a few cool things like a t-shirt, some stickers and some pictures. Luckily, back then you didn't need to "claim" the prize, they just sent it.
I remember recently we had the PUBG and the Fortnite based contest. You can enjoy into such type of the tournaments. It can be good to meet new players and also some of the players who are into proper gaming of that sort. It can be fun either way. Like playing those games and getting some followers on social media.
The only gaming contents I have ever participated on is the contest with my friends. We contest for "who completes the certain level first." Sometimes I also bet on game play. I have never participated on real contests.
I am one of those who have tried gaming contests for a few times and have never tried winning. But, I'm still thankful that it's an opportunity to learn from other gamers and learn how to be wise from the mistakes. Anyway, I wish I could have won and got some items and rewards from the game.
There are many competitive games like dota2, mobile legends and LOL. The contests or tournaments are for pro players. This is their career. The big grand prize makes it more intense.
I already won some contests, but they were all local competitions and without great visibility. But what matters is the victory and obviously... The fun (because that's the main reason that makes me play video games.), haha!
I think if there are more progress in gaming industry then I am sure that there are going to be more contests. It can be pretty difficult on the contest side though because esports is now going to be a thing. And it is getting more attention in the industry lately. So I think contests are definitely worth it.

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