Has anyone seen Rambo: Last Blood?

Broken Shotgun

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Jun 15, 2019
Has anybody seen it yet?

I didn't enjoy it that much. Felt more like a new entry to the Taken franchise rather than a new "Rambo" adventure.

I'm not trying to be cheeky here, but I do seriously believe that Stallone needs to retire; I think he has had an amazing career, but it's time to let somebody else do their own thing now.
I didn't see it, but the trailers were impressive. That actor I think is within top 3 searched names on Google. What a well known action character.
Apparently, the producer wants to do a sixth film about Rambo going into hiding at an Indian reservation. ?
I didn't see it. But I am Sure Rambo is the Best and his movie last Blood also a blockbuster Movie
God! I heard Stallone is planning on making a superhero film next year, at the age of 73 or 74, depending on the schedule.

While I do love his classics, I don't really like most of his or Arnie's recent offerings. Nor do I care much for Bruce Willis and a slew of other action stars well past their prime. Their heyday is long past. I'd rather they accepted that it's a different generation now, and people's appetite for their screen presence has waned. I'm not saying they need to quit acting altogether, but all they're doing is spoiling their legacy by filming lame sequels to their biggest movies. A really bad movie is gonna be remembered as a really bad movie forever, after all.

Even the guy who wrote the First Blood novel thought that this last film was embarrassing. He wasn't wrong about that.

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