Does anyone else think a lot of video game forums are generic and pointless?

I read on a certain forum actually a thread...yeah
Medical examinations were being used as an excuse for doctors to abuse children
I don't know how a rational, sane mind could even materialize that into words or even to suggest such a ludicrous idea, reads like psychosis

So yes very easy to lose direction on forums and want to stop after reading shit like that isn't it
You Tube Channel, regret mine but said plenty of times would quit forums only to have that last for a week
Think it just fades, I don't have much time for them anymore
Yep. They do just that. But I have decided to quit forums after the Summer Game Fest. There's really barely any life in forums anymore. It's certainly the same with YouTube. You really do end up feeling like you're a face in a crowd. But this is online!?

Everytime I tried to start a YouTube channel with passionate rants, I don't think people could understand my British accent. Or in a more likely scenario, they just don't care about my rantings. So like, why continue?

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