'Fortnite' Star Ninja Leaves Twitch For Mixer With New Microsoft Deal


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Feb 7, 2019
It seems the Ninja got sold out and moved to the Mixer and no longer wishes to work as streamer in the twitch. You may notice that Mixer is not getting much traction and also compared to twitch being streamer here is lot harder.

What do you think, is deal with Mixer a good for Ninja?
For me, a good deal is one that is going to win you huge fan base and I believe that Mixer are moving in that direction. I sincerely wish that this decision will improve the share Microsoft got in the gaming community.
I too hope so. Twitch destroyed it's stream market by approving any random female gamers and basically being pimp on those streams. I think mixer is definitely changing that.
As a Mixer streamer myself who is pushing for Partnership this is amazing news! For so long Mixer was known as a no-name streaming site despite the fact it was ran by Microsoft. From my understanding Ninja would like to go back to his roots, with the Scarlett coming out Holiday 2020 and with it coming with Halo Infinite this is a good way for Ninja to go back to his roots with Halo. I am really excited to see where Mixer goes with this!
This is huge ! I think this is a great move. Very smart from Microsoft. Very bold from Ninja as well.

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