First known cat infected with coronavirus reported in Belgium


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Dec 11, 2018
A cat in [Belgium] has tested positive for the coronavirus after catching the potentially deadly bug from an infected owner, officials said Friday.

The sick pet in Liège tested positive after showing classic symptoms of COVID-19 — including difficulty breathing — a week after its owner first fell sick, health officials told a press conference, the Brussels Times reports.

While it is the first known infection of a cat, two dogs in Hong Kong have previously tested positive — with the first, a 17-year-old Pomeranian, dying after returning home from quarantine.

“The cat had diarrhea, kept vomiting and had breathing difficulties. The researchers found the virus in the cat’s feces,” professor Steven Van Gucht said Friday, according to the outlet.

No information was given on the conditions of either the cat or its owner, the Brussels Times said.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization insists that there is “no evidence that a dog, cat or any pet can transmit COVID-19” to humans.

Van Gucht also stressed that the Liège case appeared to be the owner getting her pet sick.

Belgium’s National Council for Animal Protection (CNPA) also told the paper that there is no known threat from pets.

“Animals are not vectors of the epidemic, so there is no reason to abandon your animal,” the agency said — while advising owners to “not rub their nose against their pets.”

Oh no.. now it affects animals too.. I wonder where it will cease.
Oh that is so sad, thousands of people are getting this virus and now even dogs and cats. This is very very sad when will the Virus go away and stay away.
I know it will be a great day when people can walk around outside again.
That intersting and will make it much harder to contain if our pets and especially strays get it
Unfortunately we are afraid to do and touch anything protected or not in case we end up getting it too.

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