Do you wait for sales before buying games?


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Mar 27, 2019
Lately, I'm trying to wait, unless it is a game I have a big interest to have from release. For example, a game with multiplayer capabilities I am hoping to play with a friend or from a franchise *coughesZeldacoughes* that I really enjoy.

I really like the black Friday and end of year sales, I think there are some good opportunities there. I've bought a lot of good games I wanted to try there. Now it is just about giving myself a chance to play them, haha.

Do you usually wait for sales to buy games?

What are some of the sales you like to wait to buy games?
Yes, I usually wait for sales when buying games. I feel like it's better to buy a game at a cheaper price in almost every circumstance.

Sales I like to wait for when buying games are Steam sales or the Humble Bundles. Either one of those are great for me.
I use Instant Gaming because you can preorder games or buy already released games with discounts all year.You dont need to wait for big sales :D
I definitely wait for sales and discount. The reason being this way you can cut a lot of money from the wallet being spent. Most of the people who are into the games, you may notice that they spend a lot of money which otherwise could be saved.
Most of the time I do, I have a big backlog so I have no problems waiting around for a better deal.
I think the next round of game discount would be in summer. So it is going to be fun checking out the discount there. I do wait for the sales days or discount often.
Yeah, there's only a couple of high-profile games that I would ever consider splashing the full price on - I think I've only done it once in like a good few years now. I generally wait until I see sales come along or I always pop along to CEX (A used store here in the UK) who always have some decent prices on used games which always helps.
Yes, I usually wait for sales when buying games.
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I was always the one who would rush out, pre-order and be among the first to own the games I wanted. It was nice to have it, nice to play it immediately, and nice to experience the newest games at their newest point. Over the past few years, as my priorities have shifted and my ability to game has dwindled more and more due to outside circumstances, I've learned to not be so desperate to buy games. I reached the point where I would buy a game and it's still sitting on my shelf wrapped waiting to be played, part of a growing backlog of games that's on the "someday" pile.

So now, yeah, I definitely wait for games to be on sale before buying them, and even then, only if I really want those games. Steam sales are my worst moments, but either I've enjoyed them less of they've become worse in recent times, because even purchases there are becoming scarce. No doubt about it, though, I have certainly become budget gamer when it comes to buying. Even get my scoops on deals from CAG whenever possible.
I think it;s reasonable to check out the sales. I mean many people do that in order to avoid wasting money in wrong type of games.

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