Buying A New Games Console: How To Ensure You Don’t Regret Your Decision In The Future


For gamers, choosing a new console is a major decision. There are many factors to consider, and if you make the wrong choice, then you could be stuck with a device that you never use.

As the average games console costs over £1500 over its lifetime and costs several hundred pounds for the device itself, many gamers don’t have the option to buy multiple consoles if they make the wrong decision at first.

To help you find the right games console for you, here are some practical tips for anyone looking for a new games console and eager to pick the right one.

Read Reviews And Specs Online​

The first step when exploring new consoles is to learn as much about the current offering as possible. You’ll then be able to make a decision based on objective facts. The internet has made researching new games consoles incredibly easy, so all you have to do is read online reviews from gaming publications and check out the specs on the manufacturer’s site. Many reviews include details on the console’s specifications as standard, so you won’t even have to go looking for them. You’ll then be able to work out which console offers everything you’re looking for.

Consider Whether A Gaming PC Is A Better Option​

For some gamers, a console might be limiting, and you could consider a gaming PC instead. A gaming PC gives you access to a wide range of games, as well as other functions such as video streaming, email access, online shopping, document creation and more. Review CCL’s Gaming Pc vs console guide to see which one will work best for your style of gameplay and help you to choose the right option.

Find A Console With The Games You Love​

If you’re particularly interested in playing one specific game, or have a passion for a particular series, then it’s important that you find out which consoles you can access it on. This may help you to narrow down your search to a few devices and might even make your decision for you. So, check out the games available on each console and see if they’re the ones you’d like to play.

Think About What You Want​

Now you know what’s out there, you can consider what you want from a gaming console. If you’re looking for a portable device, but can’t see one that fits your other requirements, then you might have to settle for a device that plugs into your TV. Alternatively, you might find that the devices on offer right now have more functions and features than you expected, in which case you can enjoy the freedom to shop around and get the best possible gaming experience for your money.

See What Other Gamers Have To Say​

Games who’ve already played on specific devices will have a lot of insight into how they work and if they’re worth the money. While you might not know anyone who has a specific console, especially if it’s relatively new to the market, you could check out popular gaming forums. These online platforms allow you to talk to your fellow gamers from around the world in real time, so that you can make the most of their knowledge of the latest consoles.

Ask Your Friends​

Playing games collaboratively requires the right device, so if you want to play with your pals, then you need to make sure you get the same console as them or one that is compatible with theirs. Even if you don’t enjoy playing games with friends, you should still consider asking your mates what games consoles they’ve played on and what they would recommend. If your friends are avid gamers like you and know what you are looking for in a new console, then they might be able to offer valuable insight that could help you make the right choice for you.

Stay Up To Date With New Updates And Releases​

Once you’ve made your choice, you can start playing and enjoying your new gaming device. To ensure you get the most out of it, make sure that you keep yourself informed about new updates and game releases. If you’re not already, then sign up for the best gaming blogs on the internet currently so that you can get automatic insight into what’s new with your games console.

Have Fun With Your New Console!​

Buying a new games console is a big commitment, especially if you only have the money for one device. These tips should help you to make an informed decision that will be best for you in the long run. If you change your mind and desperately want to return your console, then you can as long as you follow the rules set out by the company you bought it from. Still, returning a games console can be time-consuming and annoying, so use these tips to improve your chances of getting it right the first time around.

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