Do you think cross-play gaming is important?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
With the latest Call of Duty set to have cross-play on it - where you can play with PC/XBOX/PS players all in one game - I was wondering how important this feature is to some people. I can see it being cool if you've got a load of friends who have a certain system and you're being Billy no-mates on your console, at least now you're able to play with them. But does it also present any problems to the online experience that you can think off? Is it a major factor for you if you were looking to purchase games? I think it's a great idea and will only (hopefully) serve to unite some communities a bit more rather than polarizing people based on what system they decide to play on.

What about you?
I think to some extent the cross play is going to be good for the gaming. I think cross play gaming definitely helps many gamers who often go online for the streaming. And it is definitely something I'd recommend for the gaming.
people are saying rip to console players from PC players :p

I think it is improtant, we should all be able to play together and enjoy the game as such. Though by doing this it is killing the need for different consoles.

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