Do you prefer wired or wireless controllers?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
When doing your gaming are you a wired or wireless controller fan? For me, i always used to prefer the wired controller approach mainly so that I knew it was always on charge and I could just pick it up and go lol but as I've grown older (and lazier), wireless controllers have made it much easier for me to just sit in bed under the covers and play a game haha.

What about you? What's your approach to controllers?
Whenever you purchase new peripherals for your PC do you purchase them wired or wireless? Wired creates less input lag which is very important for competitive gamers or mainly for those who are playing something that shooting is required. If you go with wireless peripherals what are the specific reasons for it?

I prefer wired peripherals as I already have mentioned the less input lag they create. I play CS:GO and I don't want any delay when aiming on someone or shooting as it's not a good experience. I don't think I will ever buy something wireless to play with as it also needs to be recharged when the battery runs out.
In case of the laptop, I prefer to have as much wireless accessories as possible. But in case of the desktop. I prefer to have the wired one because I have had some bad experience with the desktop and wireless. And also it is kind of better to have all the setup in one place instead of wireless for the desktop.

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