Do you play games while charging your phone?


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Mar 23, 2019
A lot of people can't wait for their phones to get fully charged so they play while it's being charged. Do you play games on your phones while the battery is charging? Do you think there is any impact on the device's health or of it's safe overall?

Before I used to play mobile phones while my phone was plugged in but I have stopped doing that as it was getting too hot, at least I think so. I would prefer to wait for the battery to hit 100% and then play whatever I will be playing on the phone. Also, that thing decreases the battery's life.
I used to play games and watch movies. But I heard recently in the XDA forums that doing such things would be bad for the phone. And often it can damage due to the over heating. So when you want to charge the phone, it's better to avoid using it any way.
I don't play phone games anymore but interestingly enough I used to play nintendo DS and 3DS games while it was on the charger all the time. Mainly because I don't care for taking it off the charger im too lazy. I am also like this with my laptop. You may laugh but in all honesty I have not taken my laptop off the charger in around 3 years. Not even once except maybe to move positions. I should really start taking advantage of it's portability.
I have seen some people damage their mobiles while playing such games while charging. And it can be pretty difficult for the device to not get heat up while charging. So in order to avoid the damage to the mobile it is always better for the phone to charge while stopping every function that we do with device.
I am also guilty with using phones while charging. I cannot wait to continue what I started doing. I like to play, listen to music, watch movies and the social media activities. ( Ha.Ha.Ha ) I felt the heat but I ignored it. I know that it's a bad habit and it might result to danger. However, I am more responsible in using gadgets than before. I add limitation to every activity.
I don't really play much on my phone other than Clash Royale so I usually just wait until it's fully charged. I do watch TV shows and movies on my phone whilst it's charging in the night though
I tend not to. And often it can damage due to overheating. So it's better to avoid using it in any way when you want to charge the phone.
Because of the low quality and supply of electricity in my country, the answer is yes. I have a mobile device that is rugged and strong, from my personal assessment, and I have had no issues with playing of games while the phone is still charging. That is one of the ways that I ensure that the battery level don't go low.

For those living in countries with constant supply of electricity, I see nothing wrong with charging your phone and playing games with it later.
I do not play games while my phone is charging, but I also rarely use my phone at all whilst it is charging. I don't like to damage the wire by constantly moving or stretching it. I also prefer to lie in bed comfortably with just my phone in my hands and the freedom to play the game. It is about being perfectly relaxed and I cannot do that with plug sockets in strange places!
If I have nothing else to do and I only have the phone on me then I might play an app game but 100% of the time I'm out on the bus or nowhere near a charging point. Home most of the time to do games on the PC ;P

POwercut and bored play a game on the phone after the laptop goes dead
Not really, I tend to not use my phone while its charging, so it can charge up quickly and I can keep using it.
I imagine if the engineers of the hardware are worth their weight in silicon they will have the electricity from the outlet pass through the device to the processor and only send the unused energy back to the battery.

All batteries get hot while charging. Drawing out electricity isn't going to make them more hot. You just probably don't notice it's hot because you're just leaving it sit on the table. From what I understand, long slow charges prolong the life of a battery, while the quick turbo charges are convenient, they reduce the life of the battery faster. So from this perspective, playing a game while charging is going to make the battery charge slower.

Long story short, I do it all the time and do not believe it wrecks the battery.
I don't tend to play any mobile games now. So it gets charged whenever lol.
Yes, I play games while charging my phone. I don't notice any difference in the actual system performance. Sometimes the phone gets a little warm, but it's nothing too concerning.
Generally I don't charge my phone while I'm playing a game on it. The games I play don't seem to take up too much battery, so it's not generally an issue. The only time I'll charge it while I'm playing is if it's almost done, but, like I said, that's not generally the case.
I just realized that he meant do you play games ON your phone while it charges. No I use a wiress charger.
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These days a lot of games tend to make the device hot. And so it is always a better option to make use of the phone only when it is charged. I try to do so as much as possible. And some of the time I can recharge only when it is 20 percent down for the complete way. So that way I don't have hot device.

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