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Do you like games with dark atmospheres?


Well, I was reading on this other forum - and someone commented that some games can't pull it off. Well, do you all know any that would fit that description? Also, do you like dark atmospheres for games? Do you like them all the time? Myself, I could really care less, but the topic is interesting.

O.K., I'm mostly used to certain dark levels on Mario and Donkey Kong - and, well, those are always a nice break from the norm. For instance, Super Mario Galaxy had a spooky Halloween type world and Donkey Kong Country had this one where you fly in a cave.
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For me, what matters is being able to enjoy the games that I play. That is the reason I don't always feel that good when some gamers try to say these dark sides are not pretty cool.

It depends on preference, but I always focus on having the fun that really matters to me.
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