Do you have any personality quirks?


Aug 4, 2019
We all have quirks that makes us unique from others, and sometimes we are (painfully so) aware of these quirks. Other times we have no clue about them and no one ever tells us about, either because they "can't put my finger on it" or they just don't feel like sharing it. What are some personality quirks that you are aware of and how do they affect your day-to-day and how you interact with people?

I'm personally a very passionate person when I am interested in something, otherwise I won't give the topic a second of my life. This affects my life in more ways that I think people are aware. For example, because I fail to be passionate about things I don't particularly like, getting a job is rather difficult and doing something (regardless of how important it is) that I should be doing can be hard. On the other side it (from what I can gather from others) makes me easier to approach as a person both because I am easy to read when I am rude or when I never intended to be but came off as it. On another side it also allows me to learn a great deal of things as my interests jumps around.
I tend to mess up my speaking if I don't take a moment to think it over, its kind of why I enjoy posting online and texting.
I tend to speak fast when talking, which is why I like participating in forums. They offer me the chance to read what I'm saying ahead of time and really think about what I'm saying.

xenonVirus. It's much easier to plan out what you're saying (in my opinion), and that's why I love forums.
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