Do you eat/drink whilst gaming?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
C'mon now, this is the thread in which we all confess our eating whilst gaming habits. Do you lovely people here at JoyFreak tend to eat anything or drink anything whilst gaming? I'm that terrible person who would eat greasy food and then start to moan when my controller feels grubby and starts to slip a little in my hand. Those where the days of long gaming sessions though. Now I just try to stick to non-greasy things and I always drink away from my controller where possible after that coke mishap I had one time...

Anyway, what about you lot? What do you eat/drink whilst gaming or are you a pure no-food gamer?
I prefer to eat anything light and something that does not get my hands dirty. I don't want my mobile or the console or keyboard to get dirty as well. It works out when I have such food around. But overall I tend to pause the gaming, eat and then resume the game.

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