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Dawn Restart: Survival

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Nov 3, 2023
Hello, everyone! I'm Mea, the author of "Dawn Restart: Survival," and I'm delighted to meet all of you. Allow me to provide a comprehensive introduction to the game.

This game was created by a team of three beginners who started from scratch to learn art, programming, and game design, all in pursuit of our dream game. The game is now available on Google Play, and I hope you can give it a try. It has taken me two to three years of hard work. Additionally, I hope you can offer suggestions to help make my game even better.
"Dawn Restart: Survival" is a post-apocalyptic exploration and management simulation game that is beloved by players. It emphasizes plot development, exciting adventure elements, and rich and colorful characters.
Game Background:
  1. The female protagonist, Mea, is a mysterious girl who has survived alone in the desolate wasteland for 14 years. She possesses a strong curiosity and abundant energy, making her a beacon of hope in this land.
  2. The male protagonist, Ryan, is a middle-aged man with amnesia and incredible strength. He is stoic and determined to find his missing daughter, despite having lost everything.
  3. As players delve into the game, Ryan and Mea gradually cross paths and work together to search for Ryan's missing daughter. In the process, they uncover secrets and technological knowledge and begin to establish the "Dawn" settlement, providing shelter for all survivors and helping rebuild the entire continent. This is the reason the game is named "Dawn Restart: Survival."
  4. The game also features more than 30 characters with unique personalities and skills. Each chapter introduces a new character with their own story and tasks. These characters can be recruited to the base and provide players with special abilities. These characters are equipped with advanced artificial intelligence, living in the game world much like real humans.
Game Features:
  1. Experience a thrilling journey after the great war through reconstruction and exploration. You will encounter over 50 characters with diverse personalities, establish more than 60 base facilities, and use over 1000 decorations.
  2. The male and female protagonists work together to explore various post-war regions, embarking on new adventures. The game contains over 100 independent scenes and scripts, with regular updates planned.
  3. The unique above and below-ground world allows you to create your own base construction. From planting, harvesting, orders, manufacturing, and animal husbandry to decoration, the game offers various gameplay that fits the world's concept, including underground exploration, wilderness exploration, survivor growth systems, and refugee rescues.
  4. Use a variety of beautiful decorations to customize your large camp and showcase a unique futuristic technology vibe.

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