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May 13, 2021
Werewolf: Apocalypse – Earthblood is a plunge into the harsh World of Darkness and these tips will help players survive and thrive in the dark.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is an action-adventure game with RPG elements set in a dark world. Players assume the role of Caharl, a werewolf from the Fiana tribe who, after five years in exile, returns to his pack to help them fight the Endron Corporation. In Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood, players must work with the herd of Caharl to anger Endron and his dangerous practices to protect nature and the spirit world from a destructive oil operation.

In this guide, players will find useful tips and tricks for the game that will help them get started and get the most out of the game system.


Caharl has three forms that he can change during gameplay to take advantage of their unique advantages.

In his Homid (Human) form, Caharl can pilot a machine, perform stealth attacks at close range, and use his arrows to neutralize enemies from afar.

In the Lupus (Wolf) form, wolves are harder to spot, can move through gaps, jump higher and farther, and move faster than the other forms.

Players should try to stay in Lupus form as much as possible while sneaking around enemy patrols, and maintain Homid form if Caharl’s progress is hindered by a door or mechanism requiring a human touch, or when the enemy is isolated in a good spot for quiet fire from a crossbow.

Once you acquire the power bolt skill from the tactical arrow skill, it becomes possible to take down the surveillance camera with one well-aimed shot.

That makes switching between forms of dealing with obstacles even more important.

The third form is a very different animal, literally, so it’s time to make an important decision.


Werewolf Apocalypse Earthblood
Werewolf Apocalypse Earthblood
Crinos (Wolf-Man) form is the werewolf that most players will think of when they see the title of the game, and serves as a physical force capable of incredible exploits and brutality.

Using this form means giving up the silent approach, at least for the current room. So experienced players may want to use Caharl’s other two forms first to disable the reinforcement entry point. It allows him to take down Crinos on trapped patrols without risking falling, releasing more enemies.

In his Crinos form, Caharl can perform brutal close-range combo attacks, combining light and heavy attacks, and even juggling enemies in the air.

Crinos are best used when the player wants to turn everything in the current area into a mess.

Players must be aware of their foes while in Crinos and prioritize enemies wielding silver (denoted by the bright white glow of their weapon while in Penumbra Vision) to avoid serious damage or damage.


Scattered throughout the game are numerous spirits that can be collected to earn skill points, allowing players to enhance Caharl’s abilities by unlocking various upgrades from the skill tree.

Although ghosts are hard to find, there are a few tricks that can make tracking them easier.

It is possible to use Caharl’s Penumbra Vision to track collectibles such as spirits over long distances while in the Lupus form after obtaining the Spiritual Link from the Tactical – Wolf Form skills as they appear as a faint expanding ring that becomes larger and clearer as Caharl approaches them.


In between visiting locations for each story mission, Caharl returns to the large hub area consisting of his Pack’s headquarters and the surrounding environment.

As players progress through the story, new parts of this hub become accessible and sometimes side objectives can be discovered and accomplished by talking to different characters.

The hub also contains tons of ghosts and collectible documents to discover, making it easier to unlock new abilities and uncover more of the game’s lore.


Werewolf Apocalypse Earthblood
Werewolf Apocalypse Earthblood
Werewolf: Apocalypse – Earthblood has many advantages to unlock, but some are much more useful than others.

Spirit of the Fray and Regenerative Metabolism from Combat – General abilities are very useful for increasing Caharl’s survival in battle, with Spirit of the Fray allowing him to escape with a jump in the air, while Regenerative Metabolism allows him to gain HP with additional treatment by attacking. the enemy immediately after applying the treatment.

Taking Wild Strength from Combat – General is also useful when players want to be able to take some extra hits in battle.

Players who have trouble with enemies with Silver might find it useful to pick up the Combat – General’s Silver Purge skill. Because it allowed Caharl to heal normally irreparable damage dealt by silver weapons. Though ideally it’s better to avoid Silver’s attacks in the first place.

A good way to target them and eliminate them quickly is to use the Combat – Agile’s Heavy Leap skill to have Caharl shoot straight at the priority targets, knocking them to the ground and dealing damage in the process.

As mentioned, the Tactical-Crossbow’s Electrical Bolts is very useful for removing security cameras while exploring the world.

Shooting I can be useful in an emergency, slowing down time of sight and potentially allowing players to rescue stealth runs to quickly target and eliminate enemies that see them.

Tactical – Wolf Form Camouflage is an excellent investment as it makes Caharl harder to detect when he is in Lupus form.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is available for PS4, Xbox Series X and series S, Xbox One, PC, and PS5.


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