Could Kojima Productions be teasing a new Silent Hill game?


Kojima Productions could be teasing a new Silent Hill game that may be announced this week.

Kojima Productions’ Head of Communications, Aki Saito shared a tweet that lead to these speculations.

Sorry to be silent everyone! I’ve been really busy lately…..I think i can say more soon about what we are going to…..
The tweet was posted alongside a photo of Saito writing, "next week" on a post-it note using a pencil that has “Pyramid” brand written on it. Fans are linking the "silent" in the text with that and hoping it’s a reference to a Silent Hill antagonist, Pyramid Head.

Hideo Kojima was working on Silent Hill while still at Konami, a new take on the classic survival horror franchise which was featuring Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro before the three moved over to Death Stranding when Kojima and Konami fell out of each other’s favour.
I heard that Silent Hill and also few other old games are in the process of remakes and reboots. I think if not remakes then Kojima could be in process to write a new story and come up with silent hill games.
Not a huge fan of horror games like this, but I know a lot of people who will be happy for another game, new or remake.
He not only makes the horror games. He is behind some of the good FPS games too. Also he has production unit that does produce some FPS games. So yeah that guy has vision for how games should be out there.
There have been so many hints over the last several months, massively hinting that the series is returning. I do not see that as a coincidence.

Now is the time. But to be honest, while a remake may sound appealing, I believe companies should push on forward. Like, you know how Capcom is stuck doing so many RE spin off titles, set in 1998. It's somewhat sad to see, because I feel that story with Raccoon City being nuked, was done and dusted 21 years ago, with the original 3: Nemesis ending that part of the main plot rather decisively. It still blows ass that they abruptly ended the plot aspects around Umbrella, after Alexia Ashford was defeated. That's because the whole series up to Code: Veronica set up a future fight against the company, and that didn't play out as planned. Sure, I mean, yeah, we got it in The Umbrella Chronicles, but RE4 beforehand just totally went off the tracks, pretty much abandoning the roots and adding in a weird science fiction story about parasites. While I've always liked RE4 as a solid action game, it's not a great RE game, nor does it even resemble one.

Since that time though, we've had both Outbreak expansions, Operation Raccoon City, Umbrella Corps, both Chronicles games, and also Project Resistance. Now, I understand that this era with Raccoon City and whatnot, was the "golden age" for the franchise, but they're trapped in that repetitive loop of milking that time period. It's like Capcom has backed themselves into a corner, creatively.

A remake of Silent Hill technically already occurred in 2009, with Shattered Memories. So what's really the point in revisiting that era again in this generation? It wouldn't be hard for them to make a reboot, but have an all-new story to it, as was the case with P.T. and what would have been Silent Hills, had Konami been on great terms with Hideo Kojima. All of the games weren't really sequels either. Only 3 was a direct sequel to the original, but in a manner of speaking, they could reboot the series as much as they want, and nobody would probably even really take the time to notice any major connection, or lack thereof. But I think they would probably want to disassociate themselves from some of the games that were commercial and critical failures. In that case, I fully understand why a soft reboot would be important.

To cut a long story short, I'm against remakes, because it suggests a company has gotten creatively stifled in a sense.
To cut a long story short, I'm against remakes, because it suggests a company has gotten creatively stifled in a sense.
I think if not remakes the tangent story definitely makes sense. Like something new happening under silent hill. Not with same old typical stuff but something new. Something new story.
A new Silent Hill game would be awesome. I'm not really a fan of the Silent Hill series, but I'm sure that people will be thrilled if a remake is announced.
A new story would be great, as well.
Didn't one of those hints say something about the 3rd of March? I'll give it another week. :)
I wonder if he comes out with say something like horror anime and the game type universe. That would be good for the community who looks forward to his work.
If you want to, check out a game for Android tablets called Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities, which has some of the same voice actors from Silent Hill 2. :devilish:

I remember when they announced it wasn't coming to the PS4 after all, leaving me disappointed. I'm still hopeful they'll work on a different and way better game someday.
Have to check out the forgotten memories in that case. I am kind of staying away from the heavy games on the android but this one seems too good to miss.
I'm anxiously waiting for an official announcement from Konami, which is supposed to be happening soon. Maybe they are reserving the big reveal for E3. In that case, I'll gladly wait another 3 months. It better be everything we are hoping for.
I think we all can wait till the July. And considering the way corona and other cancellations are happening. And the virus is not in control. I guess it means we have to wait long enough.
Just watching this dude's video from 22 March, I do agree that the core Team Silent crew is overlooked due to Hideo Kojima.


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