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Codex Lost (Freemana)

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May 11, 2023
Hi folks. I want to tell you all about the soulslike game - Codex Lost - which I have been developing for the past year and a half.

Codex Lost is a true, blue soulslike. With everything you'd want and expect from a title hailing from this relatively new but much loved genre. Complex hand-crafted levels with shortcuts, 12 tough bosses, stat and build management and so on. But it also has 8 pseudo-open world areas to explore and over 40 interconnected dungeons, all littered with items and equipment to be plundered and a huge enemy variety to encounter (60 enemy classes and over 90 different enemies).

A lot of soulslikes these days like to include a gimmick or extra original feature that can separate them from other games in the genre. In Codex Lost the 'gimmick' is really very simple - Spells only. There is no melee combat, only 80 craftable spells to do combat with. But if you aren't a keen mage and prefer melee combat don't worry! There are a number of spells which are fast and close range which still retain some of the feel of melee combat.

The world of Codex Lost is also rich in metaphysical lore and story all waiting to be discovered. fans of the souls series and Elden Ring will feel right at home. There are also certain important principles I am adhering to in the design of this game which I feel are essential to making a soulslike enjoyable and special:

  • Bosses are all unique and never get repeated as regular enemies later in the game.
  • Build diversity is complex and respec-able.
  • The 70 or more areas all have a unique feel and varied colour pallete.
  • The world is open enough to give the player freedom to explore, but with enough linearity to keep progression focussed.
  • A focus on gameplay, exploration and overall design, rather than on graphics.

Freemana is a very small studio. There is one developer (thats me) and I put everything together in Unreal Engine 4. We also have a composer who is working on a superb OST and a narrative designer who helps to make the characters of the world interesting, significant and on occasion, slightly humorous.

This game is being published by Jandusoft and we hope to bring you the finished product (playable on Xbox, Playstation and PC) in 2024.

You can wishlist this game on steam now, and you can also keep an eye on twitter for regular updates, videos and screenshots.

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