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Chapo Trap House - American political podcast



Chapo Trap House is a "political" "comedy" podcast that examines American and global issues from a leftist/socialist perspective. They also like to make fun of terrible political figures, media people, people who write op-eds, shitty movies, and a variety of other assorted topics.


The primary cast of characters are played by a set of well-known Disco Elysium voice actors:

Will Menaker: His fursona is a capybara.
Matt Christman: A man in a giant child's body.
Felix Biederman: Gamer. Poster. Gym rat. Honorary member of FaZE clan.
Virgil Texas: Nerdy Harry Potter-looking dude, if Harry Potter had an actual belief system.
Amber A'Lee Frost: Amber.

The Chapo cast between takes. From left to right: Virgil Texas, Will Menaker, Amber A'Lee Frost, Matt Christman, Felix Biederman

They release episodes once a week on Soundcloud, with an additional episode each week being Patreon-exclusive and definitely not available anywhere else on the internet, such as Reddit. They are notable for being the most-donated account on Patreon, which means they are actually wealthy bourgeois and you should not listen to them.

Chapo Trap House should not be confused with Citations Needed, which is the podcast you bring home to mom and dad when they ask you what Chapo is.

Finally, they also authored a book, The Chapo Guide to Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts, and Reason, which Politico once called "the stupidest book ever written about socialism."

Assorted clips

An important reminder about how centrist liberalism will lead to fascism:

The famous post-2016 election episode:

On Jordan Peterson
Reviewing Ben Shapiro's novel
Encountering Jacob Wohl at CPAC
On Joe Biden
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