Best Tips and Tricks on How to reach Conqueror in Pubg Mobile in 2022


Feb 27, 2022


Well, reaching conqueror and getting that title of Conqueror is one of the things which I think almost every pubg and bgmi player wants. But as we all know the bigger the goal is the bigger the issues and problems will occur and that’s why most of the players suffer in rank pushing and cannot reach the conqueror.

And to solve this issue and help players to reach that title we are here with the 6 best Tips and Tricks on how to reach Conqueror in Pubg Mobile and bgmi in 2022.

How to Reach Conqueror in Pubg Mobile and BGMI in 2022​

1. Have good teammates.

So, first of all, if you want to know how to reach conqueror in pubg mobile and bgmi, so one of the most important points is to have a good squad with good teammates, In my earlier times when I used to play the game.

I always died because I didn’t have good teammates or players who listen to me so we can stick together and fight. Some tips on finding good players are:-


There could be people around you who play pubg, you find them and you play with them daily and automatically you would be becoming pro in no time you would be improving your game as well as your friends.


how to reach conqueror in pubg mobile 2021

It’s very easy here to find people who play pubg mobile and BGMI. Discords Monthly active users are more than 100 million. So you will absolutely Find players.

Discord’s a really good way to find better players in the game and then you’ll know how to reach conqueror in pubg mobile and bgmi.


It’s an excellent way to find players who play with you. I’ve also used this tip for myself and found players who play well and stick together. Let the person do his best thing.

In your squad, allot each of the people the thing in which they are good at. I mean if your one friend can do the best assaulting in the team so let him be your assaulted. If you are good at sniping so you do the sniping thing you give your assaulters the cover they need.

And if someone can lead the team-best so let him be the IGL of the team or the one who leads the whole team.

2. Start slow and then rush at the end

Don’t land at the locations where more people land​

The land where fewer people land and start your game slowly by looting small places and when 15-20 minutes of the game have passed and you secure your league and it’s the time for rush.

Rush at the end​

Always at the first play slow and then rush at the last or in the end. When you rush in the end as I’ve already said that you have already secured your league and there would be no chances of decreasing in your league and then you go for the kills. Amongst the best way to reach conqueror in pubg mobile and bgmi.

Have a good loot first​

It’s very important to have a good loot first as you are rushing toward your enemy and if you have a good loot for eg. At least an assault rifle with a sniper then automatically your chances of winning that fight would increase and it will help your league also.

Have a good amount of loot for you and your team to know how to reach conqueror in bgmi and pubg mobile

3. Focus on your game first and then in rank pushing

It would not help at all​

This means that first of all, you improve your game. You have to learn the skills needed to be a good player. You must know how to control recoil or let’s say how to perform jiggle so that you would kill your enemies fast.

And then, when you have a become pro player and then rank pushing, it would also be easier. In short, you must first learn the skills and how you can be a good player in the game, and then when you have the skills you can perform better in the game.

See, first of all, if your game is not at that level and if your skills do not match the requirements then how can you reach conquer in pubg and bgmi. So, focus first on your game and when you are confident then you can give it the try. And, then you will finally know how to reach conqueror in pubg mobile and bgmi.

It would be easier​

If you are already good at sniping or let’s say in assaulting, then already when you would have the knowledge about it. Then it would be easier to push the rank.

If you are already good at the skills needed to be a pro player then it would be easier also to kill the enemies who are in high rank. You can click on the below image and check out the tips and tricks which will help you a lot to improve your skills and become a pro in the game.

4. Start rank pushing in the starting of the season

It’s easier to push rank early​

It’s easier to push your rank at the starting of the season because of a few reasons. First is that when you push you’re in the first week it’s easier to push as it is depended on your rank and not on your points if you have a rank under 500 and even if you have 4200 points you would not be in the ace tier but in the conqueror.

Fewer hackers​

The second most big reason to start pushing your rank at the starting of the season is that you would experience a lot fewer hackers compared to the number of hackers in between the season. And then it would be a lot easier to push the rank.

5. Take advantage of heal battle

You will gain extra points​

This is a very big advantage of taking heal battle because first of all, you will gain more points. Yes, I’m talking about the healing points you will get when you take the healing battle.

When your match would be over some extra healing points would be added to the total. One of the best ways to reach conqueror in pubg mobile 2021 is to take advantage of the healing battle in the game.

Helps you to avoid hackers​

The second big reason is that you would avoid hackers. At the ending of the match which is the last few zones the hackers just sit in the middle of the map and see the enemies. That’s why you have to take heal battle to avoid these hackers and to prevent your rank to be demotivated.

Go to the zone when your heals are finished​

And when you’re all heals are finished in the healing battle then after that, you go in the zone. First of all when you know you have to do the healing battle you collect as many heal you can and importantly go for the first aids. Collect as many first aids as you can.

6. Don’t take the stress

Don’t take it too seriously​

If you are facing a lot of issues in pushing your rank. I mean you don’t have to quit rank pushing but if you are getting frustrated and demotivated just leave the rank pushing thing and if it’s also affecting your health.

And in the end, it’s just a game. Your main motive should be a good player and have fun. See, playing the game excessively and out of the limit can really damage your health.

When your league gets deducted too much don’t play the game again.​

When you face a lot of deduction in your rank. It means every match you play you are playing your rank is decreasing just leave the game there only. Give it some time and then you try again.

Yeah if you really want to know how to reach conqueror in pubg mobile and bgmi also then keep this thing in mind that do not play the game when you are continuously losing the game it’s just not bad for your statistics. Y

Excess of everything is harmful​

Once I read somewhere that excess of everything is harmful whether it is to our brain or our health just don’t take this thing too much seriously. See, if you really want that how to reach conqueror in pubg mobile and bgmi then dont just rush towards it. See that’s why an excess of everything is harmful.

Bonus tips​

1. Don’t get demotivated

There will be times where you would feel not to continue this rank pushing more and would be demotivated also. But it happens with everyone and if you are facing deduction your rank in all the matches just stops playing the game there and continues after some time.

So if you really want to know how to reach conqueror in pubg mobile and bgmi one of the most important steps is not to get demotivated during your journey.

2. check on your network

It’s important to have a good internet connection also when you are pushing your rank. You have to have a stable wifi or internet connection. A must include in the list of the how-to reach conqueror in pubg mobile 2021.

3. Have a good device

A good device plays an important role in pushing the rank. With a good device, your lag or any issues with the fps or graphics of the game would be finished.

Well, you can just straight head to the best mobiles category on our site and you will definitely get your answers.
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