Batteries will be required for most controllers, remotes and other electrical equipment. Do you buy rechargeable or disposable batteries after use? Which type and why do you prefer to use?


I always head for rechargeable ones myself - mainly because it's a huge and annoying pain in the backside to be going out every time my controller dies to grab yet another pack of batteries. At least with rechargeable it's a bit easier to just whack them into a charger and let them charge up whilst you wear out the other ones, swap them around and rinse and repeat. I just go for cheap ones myself - all the same in my eyes really although I'm sure they're actually not lol.


I think rechargeable is still better option for the long term. I mean we play as long as controllers and the stick works out. So rechargeable is always better in that context.


I try to buy rechargeable batteries only but I can't resist a good sale so it depends on which ones are the cheaper ones. I do like that with rechargeable batteries I can just fly the dead batteries in the freezer and come back to it the next day, or whenever I need them. So if I HAD to choose one, I would definitely go with rechargeable.