What are your thoughts on controller batteries?


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Jan 10, 2019
Batteries will be required for most controllers, remotes and other electrical equipment. Do you buy rechargeable or disposable batteries after use? Which type and why do you prefer to use?
I always head for rechargeable ones myself - mainly because it's a huge and annoying pain in the backside to be going out every time my controller dies to grab yet another pack of batteries. At least with rechargeable it's a bit easier to just whack them into a charger and let them charge up whilst you wear out the other ones, swap them around and rinse and repeat. I just go for cheap ones myself - all the same in my eyes really although I'm sure they're actually not lol.
I think rechargeable is still better option for the long term. I mean we play as long as controllers and the stick works out. So rechargeable is always better in that context.
Always get rechargeable, they will save you a ton of money in the long run. Specially if you have the Wii.
I try to buy rechargeable batteries only but I can't resist a good sale so it depends on which ones are the cheaper ones. I do like that with rechargeable batteries I can just fly the dead batteries in the freezer and come back to it the next day, or whenever I need them. So if I HAD to choose one, I would definitely go with rechargeable.
Fortunately, for the PlayStation 4, we can just recharge it normally as we would with a smartphone. But I believe for the Xbox consoles, you are required to either get new batteries or buy a charge and play kit for it. However, one of the benefits is that the controller will last longer. Which system do you prefer?
I've just got a rechargeable battery kit and use that for my XBOX. It's a slight pain but I've got two controllers, so one is always on charge when the other is in use so if I do ever run out of battery I can quickly swap over to the other controller and keep my gaming session flowing. It's a nightmare, I didn't know the PS4 did that with their controllers though, I'd much prefer that system than having to keep batteries charged up. Just feels old school.
Didn't know that about the xbox controllers, though the Wii was a battery guzzler and I hated that.
Definitely the PS4 / rechargeable route. Hopefully the DS5 will use USB-C for faster charging, but otherwise it saves a fortune when it comes to battery costs /additional costs for plug and charge kits.

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