Assassin's Creed Valhalla likely coming on October 16, 2020


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My local store added Assassins Creed Valhalla up for pre-order and release date was marked as October 16, 2020. Few hours later they replaced it as ”coming 2020”, but not before I took few screenshots. However, it is very nice small store that stays open even during pandemic and I mean no harm to them, so I showed these screenshots to moderators here and hoped that they can verify that they do exist.

This date could be placeholder, but last three Assassins Creed games was also released at October: AC: Odyssey October 5, 2018 (Friday), AC: Origins October 27, 2017 (Friday) and AC: Syndicate October 23, 2015 (Friday). It would be no surprise that Valhalla releases October too. Inside Xbox this week sure sheds more light into this matter.


I also checked out the new settlement that may be available in the game. The tweet regarding that is also out from the developers of the game. Looks like a good game worth waiting for.

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assassin's creed valhalla
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