News Assassin's Creed Valhalla on Steam Causes Controversy as Players Demand Steam Achievements


Jan 13, 2020
Ubisoft's latest release, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, made its way onto Steam last week, but fans of the game have been left disappointed by the company's decision not to include Steam Achievements.
While players can still unlock 70 achievements via Ubisoft Connect, which automatically launches when the game is played on Steam, many are unhappy with the decision.
A forum post on the matter quickly flooded with 261 pages of comments, with many players claiming that they will now be requesting refunds. The appeal of achievements lies in the satisfaction of ticking off check boxes and seeing the notification pop up, and previous Assassin's Creed games on Steam have included them.
Valhalla has mostly stuck to achievements for story progression or completing side activities, but there are a few unique ones, such as the "Pawsitively Purrrfect" achievement for petting all the cats in Evreux and the "Saved by the Bell" achievement for being flung a long distance when hit by a guard.
The game's Steam review rating is now "Mixed", and the situation serves as a reminder that review ratings can be distorted by people caring about things that others may not.
While the lack of Steam Achievements may be a disappointment to some, the game itself has been well received and is worth checking out for fans of the franchise.
I would be just as disappointed in not having Steam Achievements included. Achievements are fun to collect! Oh my gosh, I didn't realize there were achievements for petting all the cats! I am so excited to play Valhalla and pet all the cats. It's too bad that the reviews for this game have turned into mixed. Thanks for sharing that the game is worth checking out. I'm excited to play it when I get to it!

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