Akira live action is a teen movie


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Dec 11, 2018
AKIRA is great... what a masterpiece. I read the manga, I've seen the movie, I've re-read the manga, I've re-watched the movie!

[...]I did the casting for it [the AKIRA live action remake]. I went to the producer and he let me read the script. Basically they removed all the philosophical parts. It's a teen movie between two dudes, Kaneda and Tetsuo. "I have to help my friend...". There is no Kaneda fucking pissed because Tetsuo killed his friends and want to kick his ass... Now I hope to not have spoiled the movie!
Interviewer: No it's okay, they would rewrite the script 6 times before giving to another director.

I told him I couldn't have made it like this, and I asked him: "how much margin there is to rethink it?". and they told me: "we are really happy with the script, precisely because they removed all the sophisticated, boring parts that were also a bit dated...". I replyed: "I don't think it that way." [...] It's a marvelous project, they want to make a blockbuster, it's not even that poorly written, but it's not the AKIRA we know. Maybe there is a lot of potential I can't see. So much that my agent called me and told me: "Taika is very likely to do it, but he is very curious to hear all the critics and observations." I responded "No."

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