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Alex Wright

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
May 7, 2021

Read on to discover everything you need to know about the nuances of interacting at live online casinos.

Live casinos have exploded in popularity over the past few years because they can replicate the casino experience on your laptop or mobile device. If you haven’t tried a live casino, here is everything you need to know.

What Are Live Casinos?​

Sometimes referred to as a live dealer online casino or simply a live casino, a live online casino is the casino experience with live, real dealers on an internet platform. They are the ones who manage the game, deal with the cards, and announce winners.

How Do Live Casinos Work?​

These casinos function similarly to regular casinos, except they are entirely online. You can make bets, chat with the dealers and other players, and play various games and versions of existing games.

Benefits of Live Casinos​

There are several pros and benefits to using live casinos, with a few of the biggest being the multiple types of interaction you can use.

Interactions With Players/Game​

The first interactive aspect that brings many players to live online casinos is how much you can interact with other players and the game. Unlike regular online casinos, where you can just click here and there, you can talk in live-action casinos. Live casinos take it a step further by ensuring they use high-quality video and multiple camera angles, adding another layer to the experience that brings you closer to feeling like you are in a real casino.


Dealer Interaction​

Not only can you talk to other players, but you can also talk to the dealer. While this can be an excellent way to get to know and become friendly with the dealers on the platform, it also adds another layer of authenticity, allowing you to feel like you are at the casino instead of at home or the office.


Many players have also noted that there is almost an uptick in competition when playing these casinos. While many casinos like this don’t offer poker, players can still get competitive when playing Baccarat or blackjack.


Another benefit you may not notice at first is the more authentic and “safe” feeling you get when you see someone handling the cards, and you can see everything happening in real-time. Many people are wary of web-based casinos as they think some manipulation is happening behind the scenes, even though Random Number Generators (RNGs) control everything. Therefore, many prefer the “realness” associated with a real dealer handling real cards right before them.

Live Casino Tips​

If you want to try these types of casinos for yourself, you should remember a few things before you get started.

Have Strong/Reliable Internet​

Online casinos happen in real-time, meaning lag will slow down your bet or make you miss a chance to do or skip something. Because of this, it is essential to have strong, reliable, and consistent internet.

Understand What You’re Playing​

The next thing you want to do is take some time to learn and understand what you are playing and how you can win. Like most casino games, live casino games have variations you may need to be aware of, such as some you can find on gaming blogs. While variations and strategies for blackjack and Baccarat might be standard, roulette can have different variations and ways to win depending on the online casino you choose.

Play a Few “Test Games”​

Another way to quickly get a handle on how live casinos and their games work is to have a few test games. Deposit a small amount of money and make a few minimum bets to see the process and how the game proceeds.

This is also an excellent time to analyze your screen and see the available features and options. The last thing you want is to misclick and bet your entire deposit or miss out on a potentially profitable opportunity simply because you couldn’t find the right button or menu.

Look for Bonuses​

Live online casinos will always be offering a bonus, whether a deposit bonus or matching your bets for the next 30 minutes if you deposit and play with a specified amount of money. It is essential to pay attention to these varying bonuses as they are often the best ways to maximize your bankroll and your winnings.


Use Proper Casino Etiquette​

Finally, it is imperative to remember that even though you are online, the same casino rules apply to an extent. You are expected to be polite to the dealer and other players and refrain from sweating, trolling, or anything else you aren’t allowed to do in a regular casino setting. In this immersive environment, far too many players forget that this is a professional casino setting and act like they are gaming online; casino etiquette, respect, and manners go a long way.

That is everything you need to know about live online casinos. Now is the time if you haven’t given them a go yet. They are far more fun and exciting than regular online casinos and almost as good as the real thing — not to mention the fact that they have the added dealer and player interaction you just don’t get with purely online games.

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