2020 really has sucked...

Does anybody think this year has been any good? For me: Nope. I hate 2020 so God damned much. Maybe the arrival of the new Xbox console and PS5 will be the shining light we so desperately need in these trying times, but too bad they threw that at us at the ass end of the year...

Mostly, this year has been defined by our biggest threat to date, Corona, mind you, but I think this has been a shitty time period regardless. Like summing it up just in general, I can't say anything positive about 2020 as a year. Well, I did not like 2002 to 2009 that much, or 2010 to 2019 either. If I have to be honest, those were among the most stressful years I had to endure, personally.

My own lawyer has been a dick as of late. Between trying to set me up one week there to suit himself, to not paying attention to what I say to him, I don't feel happy that he's my only back up here. He said to me, that I wouldn't win a slander case against these film production people because of my history. Already, I feel like he is having me discredited, and I know he has no faith in me as a client. To be honest, after I was shafted 2 years ago in Livingston and had to do time in HMP Addiewell, which even other inmates and officers thought was dumb, I didn't even want him as a lawyer from that point forward anymore. When I contacted other legal firms after that, they said it was better to stick with him as he knows the case with the autism care staff, and hereby, no-one else would know of the ins and outs of what happened, and even my mother keeps saying I should keep him, if only for this upcoming hurdle. But what worries me is that he does not say a thing in court that goes well with me. Just very basic stuff. And he implies he can sort that other drag out, after the initial case is done and dusted. That does not sound right to me. That sounds almost screwy. Like he's saying, "Wait your turn".

Yeah, I know you need a degree of proof when you want to challenge something petty, but it's like, he does not even bother saying anything about what the opposition did to begin with. Nothing informative or relevant at all. So to me, he's like an accident waiting to happen.

I'm writing up letters on Google Documents for to raise small claims cases shortly, regarding the autism support people, the film people, and the sheriff who was also responsible for my rent arrears getting so high. My lawyer said that's a breach of bail if you attempt to sue someone as a case for something else is still pending. The hell is he smoking? That's not a breach of anything. That's classed as being a counter dispute. Which as a defendant, you're allowed to take up if you have a case to put across.

Anyway... I am putting in that Patrick guy too, since he sent me these emails years ago, and so it's not right to single out names if, collectively, there was more than one culprit behind the hassle. So I decided to lump it as the one case, rather than a multitude of individual cases that you have a small fee prepared to pay for the case going ahead anyway. So it would make sense to combine everything. What's practical? It's the same crap either way.

My sister is supposed to reach out to her eldest lad by letter. Only once annually is this not disallowed, I think. Although she opted not to take the scraps thrown her way. I'm sure she views that as an insult, since it's not spending time with him. Social workers read people's letters for their own approval, so what can you add to them that's confidential, and a mother to son kind of thing? She knows nothing about his schooling or life overall, so there's nothing to put across. Nobody notifies her of his situation, and this has been the reality since 2013. So writing a letter and not knowing what to say is pointless. But then it's like my nephew has gotten penalised by his own Ma. He won't know the reasons behind anything if he requests contact, no matter how veiled, and she refuses. Too bad my sister's ex is a slob, and his family got the parental responsibility, so to speak. But avoid dealing with anybody from the Midlothian council. They're always 'at the ham', as the saying goes.

I hope your 2020 didn't suck curdled smegma balls too, but it probably has, knowing our luck...