1 teen dead, 1 jailed after clash over video game controller


Feb 9, 2019
This is one of the saddest stories I've read in a while. A teen in Georgia has been arrested for killing another teen and it was all over a video game controller. The Sheriff's Office received a noise complaint coming from within a mobile home at around 12:45 in the morning on Monday. When they got there they saw a teen, Gonzalo Lamar Gonzalez-Abara, dead. They immediately arrested 16-year-old Gabriel Martinez Cruz, the teen responsible for shooting 17-year-old Gonzalez-Abara. An investigation has been completed and Cruz has been charged as an adult on counts of malice murder and tampering with evidence. All for a video game controller...
I think gaming has got the worst of people. And there are people who are not going to be changed the way they think and it can be changed if people learn that it's just a game. And we have to change the new generation from doing all of this. Because we never know what they may turn out if not raised properly.
I've posted a few similar stories like this over the years, yep, it has happened before. World is full of idiots.
Not the best time for a silly joke really. It's sad to see really. There was another killing recently. A kid was trying to sell his Xbox One and was shot when he tried to run back after the guy tried to rob him.
Yeah, but that's really all down to the guy being pathetic overall. I hope gaming stops getting a bad rep over people like that. The same with movies, because somebody already has to be cuckoo to do that shit, and Hollywood being overly violent today clearly ain't helping, I know. With the Internet, more and more people are seeing restricted material with ease.
This is not good. What can make one kill another has gotten out of hand. If the game controller is not enough, they should have gotten a new one instead of getting in a fight that resulted in death.
The same thing occurs over soccer matches. People are just reaching new lows over something that's meant for pleasure.
This is saddening to hear. Rather than taking a life away, you could just buy another controller. I think some people get into gaming too much and do it in the heat of the moment. You hear all kinds of stories like these, not just in the gaming world. I wonder where he got the gun from though?
I think the kids need to be taught to set some sort of boundaries for the gaming and the addiction. Otherwise it can be pretty bad in that context. And we won't be able to understand how each one of us is different in terms of thinking.

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