Kotaku: Former White House Press Secretary Blames China After Getting Bamboozled Over Bootleg PS4 Controller


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Dec 12, 2018

With all that’s going on in the world, there are a lot of things to get upset about right now! Blaming China because you got suckered into buying a bootleg PS4 controller on Amazon is maybe not one of them, though, especially if you’re the former White House press secretary for the Bush administration, Ari Fleischer.

Fleischer, a piece of shit who directly contributed to the lies and misdirection that have led to millions of deaths in Iraq, was misdirected himself recently when he went to buy a PS4 controller. In a tweet made earlier today, he says he recently got a PS4 for his kids and, needing a second controller went, and bought one on Amazon.

Look at those face icons! And the P4 button!

Fleischer, of course, blames China for this, not American company Amazon for its super shady practice of hosting countless millions of counterfeit products, nor the fact the type of controller he purchased is listed openly on the site with all five of its sales bullet points devoted to declaring that it’s “the third-party controller, not the original one.”


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