Discussion You're the music industry's top vocalist of the year... despite not selling shit!

Broken Shotgun

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Jun 15, 2019
This actually once happened in the 90s.

"Cash Box" (a now defunct U.S. pop chart that competed with Billboard for decades) gave this award to some singer for whatever reason they did so. Also, country singer Wayne Newton released "The Letter" and then had a number-one hit with it on the top 100 singles chart compiled by Chart Box, despite not appearing on Billboard in 1993. So it's hardly surprising this bizarre trade paper got the GTFO for good treatment in 1996.

What's odd is that I noticed the song "Too Much Passion" by the Smithereens reached No. 8, yet on the main chart used by Billboard, it stalled at No. 32.

Quite peculiar, eh? This is definitely controversial. :D

Joyfreak is a little different no need to wash and kiss the forum owners feet here, more freedom

Interesting thread...

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