Yooka-Laylee DLC and orchestral OST cancelled


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Dec 11, 2018
Yooka-Laylee DLC

We know a lot of you are wanting to know what our plans are in regards to future Yooka-Laylee DLC. Today we’ve announced the 64-bit tonic coming to remaining platforms. Also (and in response to the fan-requests) we’re adding a 64-bit YL model as first seen in the Impossible Lair to the 64-bit tonic on all platforms.

We’re keen to continue adding small incremental updates for free, for everyone, rather than backers only as originally planned. As YL has grown and been released in more territories globally than we’d ever imagined, we’ve ended up with a crazy number of SKU’s to support, localise and test each time we update.

Finding a mechanism for exclusive DLC to be accessible to only a few is something technically unfeasible for us to do, hence we’d like to continue down the path of adding extras whenever we can that will be for the benefit of all fans and players of the game.

Orchestral Soundtrack

There’s no easy way to let you all know that we won’t be producing an orchestral soundtrack for Yooka-Laylee. We underestimated the costs involved and had to prioritize other things. At one point an orchestral soundtrack was in the works, but a deal fell to pieces and left us in a tricky position. We’re sure this news is disappointing, and we’re sorry that we’re having to let you down.

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