World Health Organization encourages playing video games during COVID-19 pandemic


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Dec 11, 2018
The World Health Organization is encouraging people to play video games amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ray Chambers, U.S. ambassador to the WHO, tweeted his support, asking people to help continue social distancing efforts by picking up a game and helping save lives.

He used the hashtag #PlayApartTogether as part of WHO’s growing movement to unite people around the world while also asking them to keep their distance.

The WHO recommendation is significant because in the past the organization classified video game addiction as an official mental health disorder.

Best plan in my book for sure! I'm just glad we have games to keep ourselves busy, can't imagine what kids would do without anything else to do like in the old days.
Actually for us gamers is like a dream come true, we are able to game all day err day without thinking of any commitments the next day. Of course unless you are working from home.. :p:LOL:
I’ve been playing a good mobile game called Rise of Nowlin during these times.
Netflix and YouTube too have reduced from the 1080 and 4K to the 360 as the final level of the bandwidth limit. So it seems like things are going to be pretty hard for the telecoms in near times too. And if they raise the prices, they will indeed get into the financial trouble too.
It’s never caused any problems to my health, work, or uni or family/relationships because it’s kept me occupied, I feel have things to do that’s not studying, a break from the problems of life.

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