Will crossplay become an industry standard as we enter a new generation of gaming?


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Dec 25, 2018
Enabling crossplay has become more popular on consoles like Playstation, Xbox and PC. For example, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare recently being released with cross play enabled, will crossplay become an industry standard next-gen?

I personally think that it should become an industry standard next-gen. We shouldn't have to be forced to purchase the same branded consoles so we could play with our friends. It would be amazing if both Sony and Microsoft stood up on stage at E3 and announced crossplay being enabled for multi platform games.
Pretty sure it already is, unless something happens to break it all apart I don't see anyone backing out of it.
I think it is going to be in near future. But the crossplay also brings the disadvantage in the multiplayer games. That's one thing that I have seen so far when it comes to upcoming cross play games.

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