When someone is angry, upset or sad they say things they don't mean, is this true?

It happens more often when I'm angry that I say stuff I don't mean. I try to keep my temper, but sometimes I lose it.
It's true, but sometimes that is also when the most truth can come out. Most people tend to say things aimed to wound, but sometimes when pushed is indeed when the most truth comes out of them. It depends entirely on the person and the situation.
I don't lose my temper too much. But I try to tell the truth, angry or not.
Usually yes, when they reach a state they aren't like themselves anyone can do or say something they don't normally mean.
I don’t know if it is strictly untrue but more things that I am only saying to inflict hurt.
It happens all the more frequently when I'm furious that I state stuff I don't mean. It relies altogether upon the individual and the situation, but now and then that is likewise when the most truth can turn out. I attempt to keep my temper, however some of the time I lose it.
Yeah, if you push them that far. Yeah.

That's why I don't talk too much, because if you push me that far, I will spout out words I don't mean. I'll apologize later if I think what I did was wrong, but if you piss me off, I will mean what I said.
Most of the time its true. Other times it's completely false when anger takes over your body it makes you do or say unthinkable things.
This happens to me plenty. Whenever I get angry or upset, I say hurtful things that I hurt myself by saying in the process, because I know they're not true, and I hate lies. ><
Absolutely, this is true. In the heat of the moment its very easy to not think through what you are saying in blantant anger. Hell, I've probably done it more times than I'm proud of as a teen.

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