What's the future for video games?


The way you redacted the question, kind of reminds me of a test. Haha.

I think Augmented Reality is being looked upon lately. You have games on your mobile like Pokemon Go and other applications that mix your actual surroundings with their software and bring some interesting results. I am sure AR will be used for more than games, but I think for mobile at least, they are a good alternative will see more and more.

I imagine VR will have an evolution in graphics and resources similar to the videogames from things like N64 and Dreamcast until what we have right now, as technology allows for more polish and VR becomes more affordable.

That said "normal" gaming will probably still prevail for another decade, thanks to the indie developers and that the adults of today grew with simpler games and the nostalgia is making side scrollers and other creative alternatives also have good success. People seem pretty happy to stay in one place playing their consoles or their computer.


Video games are evolving at an incredible rate, what do you think will be the future of gaming? Explain the reason why.
it will be boring ... see youtube used to be cool and the most paying video streaming but now that it's clouded it really had to do make a living out of it same applies to gaming.
If anyone here watches Sword Art online or .Hack, I think that is where gaming is going where you put on a head visor and get put into the game itself.


I'd say the DLC is the future of the games. You would find something like the stadia being the gaming hub and the people would be paying per play game options. I'd say in such case offline gaming would be another sub industry.
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