What video game has the best storyline?


The question is pretty much in the thread's tittle - what are some video games with an amazing and deep story to play there? Which ones have you played in particular and have you ever replayed one?

The Walking Dead have a special place in my heart with its story. It's just an awesome journey to take on and if you haven't played it it's definitely worth to check it. For a second pick I I can go with God of War IV which is available for PS4 only unfortunately and the PC users can't play it if they don't have that console. Well, there are other games with amazing story such as The Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us and much more. Heavy Rain is also another great story game to play on PS4.


Lot of games come into mind. Metro series. Darksiders triology. Serious Sam. Lot of such games that have story. In fact Bioshock story was good too. And so does the return to the castle wolfestein. So far mostly loved the survival games that I wanted to play.
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