What is the cost of developing an app like Pokémon Go?


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Feb 19, 2022
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As In the first sentence of this article, it had been mentioned that making an augmented reality application is neither easy nor cheap. Developing an Augmented Reality app takes a lot of time and money because of the high cost of both time and money. Because of this, there are not too many professionals specializing in this field. So learn Cost of make ar games like Pokemon go.

Real-time augmented reality
In It took the Pokémon developers a long time and money to develop the technology behind Pokémon Go through Ingress. Our situation, however, allows us to work from technologies such as Unity or Microsoft RA that already exist. We would need two to three months of development work to produce a decent Augmented Reality game application, which would cost more than €25,000.

The design
A similar amount of time and money must be invested in developing an app as well as designing it. We can get away with saving money on the design front, but in order to produce good results and avoid destabilizing figures, etc. we must work with the same time frame and budget (2-3 months). We can reduce the cost of the design by up to 20,000 euros if we make a simpler design​

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The back end
Pokemon Go has been plagued with a number of difficulties in Europe, which has forced its launch to be delayed, including problems with the backend; profiling, designs, interactions, Geographical location etc. A minimum of € 25000 should be invested in this type of application if we want to make it a success.

Marketing & ASO
The development process for an app such as Pokémon Go does not end there. After that, you need to let people know about it, get users and monetize it. At least half of your budget should be set aside for marketing your app, Yeeply always recommends. It doesn't take much money to optimize an app store. Depending on the operating system: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone-it will cost about $500 - but the marketing strategy will last a long time.

Establish a minimum viable product (MVP)
The AR application presented here is well-made and well-developed, with good data and numbers. Apps are not always created in such a way in their first version, especially for such ambitious and large projects. The MVP (minimum viable product) has been recommended to our clients more than once.

An MVP for a project like Pokémon Go can be developed and marketed for around €20,000, which is much less than what we have previously seen.​

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