What games got you hyped but turned out to be disappointing?


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Feb 2, 2019
What are some games that you purchased due to maybe your friends giving it lots of hype or friends pressuring you into getting a copy but then you just did not want to play at all? For me, I was pressured into getting APEX after it suddenly crashed into the game-sphere but I just couldn't get into the game. I've probably played 5 hours worth so I've given it a decent shot but I just can't get into it.

What about you?
There's been a few. The biggest one would definitely have to be Far Cry 5. That game was a mess for me and I didn't like any aspect of that game. I've played it a few times now and haven't touched it since. It's a shame I can't sell it now because I would do it in a heartbeat but unfortunately the value I would get is just not worth it. The missions were so similar to each other and there were just random moments that made no sense (like getting kidnapped whilst you're flying out of nowhere with no one near you).
I think there are plenty of games these days to feel disappointed. Like those who don't have much single player gaming plots. And those who have no fixed length on the story. Though battle royale type games work out but it's not often worth it to play. So you feel like they are nothing but disappointed. I personally see lot of action games like that. including racing games and GTA type games.
I have already encountered a lot of disappointing games that is why I always read some game reviews before I download it. I became more conscious of what type of game I am downloading on my mobile because it was really frustrating to be just disappointed during the game. There are just those games who have great description and genre but at the end have a lot of technical malfunctions.
Yes, whenever the game glitches and then it restart again for no reason. I mean, what the? My long hardship just banished away and I have to re-do it again?. It's just too disappointing that I have to delete the game and never play it again.
There's a lot of disappointing games nowadays and I've said it before and I'll say it again, older games are still better in terms of storyline and gameplay. I learned to cope with disappointment by not expecting anything at all when new games come out. Yes the trailers do look amazing and all that, but still like in movies we shouldn't expect so much as they only show the good scenes.
No, never been at any specific video game although, I get disappointed when either
  1. A video game crashes, glitches or lags - which then means re doing a chapter in the game which can be very frustrating
  2. Multiplayer hackers and modsers taking advantage of the game exploits and ruining it for other players
I think video game crashes are pretty much common. And many among us are kind of struggling with the games that have such bugs. I can tell you that players who end up struggling with the gaming have those sort of issues. I personally don't see point in backing up the crashing and buggy games.

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